Top 10 Most Disliked Accents in the World

Justin Theroux in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

But, between Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, it would be a movie worth watching.

Tom Cruise in Far and Away

However, the Irish accent he did in the 1992 movie Far and Away was truly abysmal

Literally everyone in Wild Mountain Thyme

It’s a simple fact: everyone in Wild Mountain Thyme but especially the people with Irish accents

Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas

Hollywood has come up with quite a lot of bad accents in the movies. We are going to look at the worst

Chris O’Donnell in Circle of Friends

Chris O’Donnell is in the new Circle of Friends movie with Rene Zellweger and Harry Connick.

Pierce Brosnan in Taffin

Pierce Brosnan’s Irish Accent in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ (1999) Is The Worst Accent In The World.

Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly and Michael Collins

One of the worst accents I have ever heard was in the film “Michael Collins”

Tommy Lee Jones in Blown Away

Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor. His portrayal of the villain Two-Face in 1997 film ‘Batman Forever’

Gerard Butler in PS I Love You

He has appeared in films such as 300, RocknRolla, Gamer and the upcoming Machine Gun Preacher.

Cameron Diaz in Gangs of New York

Her appearance got her the lead role in Gangs of New York with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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