Top 10 Weakest Pokémon of Ash Ketchum’s


Torterra is one of Ash's greatest disappointments. It is incredibly sad how much Torterra regressed after evolving.


Gible is a prime example of wasted potential. Gible was the first dragon-type Ash ever caught and is a powerful pseudo-legendary.


And yet it was not special at all. In fact, it lost more than it won, making it one of Ash's weakest Kanto Pokémon.


Noivern is a victim of being the second most important Pokémon of the same typing on one of Ash's teams.


Most Pokémon fans find Butterfree's release to be a touching scene that is unforgettable. But that doesn't change the fact.


Totodile appears to be a very capable fighter. It absolutely obliterates Team Rocket as a wild Pokémon.


Ash's Heracross is a major failure. Usually, Heracross is a top-notch bug-type Pokémon with incredible attack power.


Snorlax is a classic when thinking about Pokemon, and during his time with Ash, it was also a fan favorite.


Torkoal feels like a missed opportunity. Despite being lovable, Ash's Torkoal was nothing more than a crybaby.


While Pokémon Journeys is still currently airing and anything could change, so far, Ash's Gengar has failed to live up.

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