Top 10 Most Ugliest K POP Idol Ranked

Daesung (BIGBANG)

I’m not sure when it become popular opinion that Daesung is unattractive, but I couldn’t agree less.

Rap Monster (BTS)

Flip over to “adorable,” and you’ll see him there too. Rap Monster amazes me with his ability to be one of the sexiest,

Eunkwang  (BTOB)

Over time though, you’ll realize that this singer has just been relegated to the role of “ugly” comedian in his group,

Onew (SHINee)

When I saw SHINee for the very first time, I was transfixed by Onew. I still remember my exact words, “Oh my gosh,

Bobby (iKON)

Anyone with two working eyeballs (or even one!) can clearly see that Bobby is super charismatic! You may not like his music,

Niel  (Teen Top)

Maybe it’s just the sexy lips and the ability to rock some skin-tight pants while they’re dancing,

Yoseob (BEAST)

However, I mean that in the best way possible because I find troll dolls to be so super cute and adorable!

Zico (Block B)

I think no one in the Kpop community can disagree that Zico deserves to be on this list. Even K-netz who say he’s “ugly,”

Dongwoo (INFINITE)

When he smiles and laughs, he’s a precious angel. When he gets up on stage however, he’s a sexy beast.

Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

To me, Eunhyuk is one of the most attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, irresistible humans on the entire planet!

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