Top 10 K-Pop Idols Male With The Best Abs

Jangjun (Golden Child)

He is a South Korean singer, rapper, lyricist under Woollim Entertainment. He is the main rappers of Golden Child.

ASTRO's MoonBin

He has won the vote by a large margin. He received 2,061 votes and for good reason too. he has been popular for his abs.


who has a strong passion for bodybuilding and loves sharing his progress. While his entire body is perfect.

Park JiHoon

Ever since his debut, Park JiHoon has made fans' hearts flutter with his talent, cuteness and of course, his abs.


The BTS JungKook makes are tied at number three with exactly the name number of votes. This doesn't come as a surprise.


HongSeok looks quite like a Greek God with how much he works on his body and how it looks as a result of the same.

EXO's Kai

No one can rock cropped tops like Kai can and for more reasons than one. One of those reasons just happens to be his sleek abs.


It is a common saying in the K-Pop fandom that idols get even hotter after their military service.

NCT's JaeHyun

Jae-Hyun is quite sincere about working out but rather subtle while showing it off. Needless to say.

SF9's JaeYoon

FANTASY will attest to the fact that Jae Yoon has been getting more and more buff by the day.

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