Top 10 Best Performances in the X-Men Movies

Jennifer Lawrence - Mystique

 However, her Raven is such a major part of the franchise that she still deserves a spot on this list.

Evan Peters - Quicksilver

Best Single Performance: Honestly, Peters is just as good in both Days of Future Past and Apocalypse.

Famke Janssen - Jean Grey

Famke Janssen proved to be the best choice to bring Jean Grey to life in the original X-Men trilogy.

Dafne Keen - X-23

 BBC’s upcoming His Dark Materials TV series. Fingers crossed Marvel brings her back in a few years for an X-23 movie.

James McAvoy - Professor X (Young)

In First Class, he’s a playboy who learns to use his gifts for greater things. In Days of Future Past,

Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is one lucky fella. His turn as Wade Wilson was one of the few good things about X-Men Origins.

Ian McKellen - Magneto (Old)

Best Single Performance: McKellen is the sort of talent who can make the most of whatever he’s given,

Patrick Stewart - Professor X (Old)

 McKellen is just as good as each other in the X-Men films, so it’s arbitrary which one comes.

Michael Fassbender - Magneto (Young)

 sympathetic qualities, McKellen’s Magneto is clearly demarcated as the villain of the trilogy.

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine

Sorry for being basic, as the kids say, but there’s no one else who can sit at the top of this list.

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